Rio Verti | About Us
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About Rio Verti

Rio Verti is a premium outerwear brand. Rio Verti was founded in 1987 in northern Italy (Lombardy). At the moment brand is mainly focused on outerwear, however recently we have presented our first line of trousers and knitwear.


Rio Verti is a bright expamle of classical Italian design. We have straight-fit and slim-fit styles which fit virtually any shape. We develop our garment with smart-casual and casual styles in mind, however you can always find some original styles to fit almost any style.


In our jacket collection you can find a wide variety of different colors, such include traditional palletes and brigh, trending articles which are being updated each season.

Our premium line of garment is a great alternative to heavy and costy fur garments. For intance our women’s down jackets are already preferred to fur-garment due to their incomparable comfort and ease of care. These garment perfectly fit both – daily life and special occasions. Rio Verti is especially popular amont active ladies and business woment who value elegant designs, beauty and perfect fit of Italian school of clothing.